At SKØR FRAMES, we have a great love for animals and the environment. When it comes to our products, we go all-in for sustainability. It starts with the packaging. Our sustainable packaging is chosen with care to reduce environmental impact and improve animal living conditions. This is our small way of making sure that your eye protection also protects the planet.

How do you reduce your CO2 footprint in the supply chain?

We have carefully selected sustainable packaging to minimize our impact on the environment. This is our way of ensuring that your eye protection also contributes to the protection of our planet.

How do you contribute to a planet-friendly delivery?

We work with a shipping company that allows us to use emission-reduced containers, which means that we deliver our products in a way that protects the environment.

Why charge a fee for returns

We charge a small fee of DKK 59 for refunds. Why? Because we believe that responsible choices also include responsible consumer habits. This action should make our customers think twice about their purchases and help reduce carbon emissions from unnecessary returns.